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Facial Feminization


higher, more arched on a woman


lower with shorter forehead
distance on a woman


softer, smaller, shorter
projection, finer tip on a woman


less strong on a woman


more rounded and less
chiseled on a woman


less prominent Adam’s
apple on a woman

Trans women who would like more feminine features can undergo certain gender affirmation procedures to help align their internal gender identity with their physical appearance. The goals of these changes are to enhance femininity, increased sense of authenticity and improved self-confidence.

Dr. DeFatta’s specialized knowledge and specific expertise in facial aesthetic procedures can help you through your journey through gender affirmation procedures. Naturally, the shape, dimensions and placement of certain facial features can create a more traditionally feminine or masculine aesthetic. For example, men tend to have wider and more square jaws, stronger noses, taller foreheads, flatter cheeks and thinner lips, while women tend to have more heart-shaped faces with softer jaws, more rounded cheeks, more delicate noses, shorter foreheads with arched brows and fuller lips.

Facial feminization for transgender women is a set of procedures that include adjustments to the brown and hairline, nose, lips, chin, jaw and neck; these procedures can be performed at once or in stages. Each procedure is highly customized, so Dr. DeFatta will meet with you for an in-depth consultation to understand your concerns and make his best recommendation for improvement.

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