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WELCOME TO DeFatta Health

Defatta Health aspires to be your first stop for both concierge service and compassionate care. We offer the widest range of treatment options administered by the most advanced degreed physician team. Take comfort in the fact that we routinely use this expertise to care for you in a friendly and comfortable environment. Just ask any of our patients. Since we hold our staff to the same high-quality standards to which we hold ourselves, we can ensure you will experience superior service. The next time you need a checkup from the neck up, please give us a call, and let our family take care of your family.

Facial Plastics

When it comes to surgery of the face and neck-the most visible and vulnerable parts of your body-insist on working with an authority in the field. Whether you are considering an elective change in your appearance, or have encountered an unexpected need for reconstructive surgery…trust your face to our Face Expert.

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ENT & Allergy

Ear, nose & throat disorders such as ear infections, allergies, tonsillitis, dizziness and balance problems, sinus infections, snoring and sleep apnea commonly affect both children and adults. Defatta Health aspires to be your first stop for both compassionate ENT care and exceptional concierge service. We offer the widest range of treatments administered by the most advanced degreed physician team.


Hearing Aid Experts

Hearing loss is often a silent but isolating problem. DeFatta Hearing Aid Experts promises to give you the finest custom solutions for your hearing loss delivered with the concierge service you have come to expect with DeFatta services. You will be amazed with the difference in your quality of life!

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Our Patient Reviews

I believe that I'm alive today because Dr. Robert DeFatta was willing to go above and beyond and discovered a major problem that I was having that was outside of ENT. Dr. Robert and Dr. Rima are phenomenal doctors and people and I would trust my life to either of them. I probably wouldn't be here to type this almost four years later if it wasn't for them. Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family.

- Rob Gerber


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